How coachable are you?

Coaching is very powerful, but it only works when a client and a coach are a good match, and the client is ready for change. 
Answer this short test to know whether coaching is for you.

Answers to questions range from 1 to 5,
with 1 being NOT so true and 5 being VERY true.
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What does it mean exactly?

15 – 30 Hmm, you don't seem to be coachable right now. Perhaps worth checking back in a few months or look for a different specialist?

31 – 45 You are coachable, but need to make sure to set up clearly some basic rules of working together, so have a thorough discussion with your coach about it before you sign up for coaching!

46 – 60 Great news - you are coachable. You can transform your life with the right help - make sure your coach understands what you are looking to achieve!

61 – 75 You are very coachable; ask your coach to demand a lot from you!